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Friday, July 19, 2013

Color Cosmetics US July 2013: Report Overview Available At

Sustaining stronger rates of growth in the color cosmetics category will rely on new product innovation as well as the utilization of technology and expanded education efforts to help women better navigate this sometimes overwhelming category.

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Table of Content

Scope and Themes
What you need to know
Data sources
Sales data
Consumer survey data
Advertising creative
Abbreviations and terms

Executive Summary
The market
Figure 1: Total U.S. sales and fan chart forecast of color cosmetics, at current prices, 2008-18
Market factors
Aging female population creates challenges for category
Figure 2: U.S. Female population aged 18 or older, by age, 2013-18
Hispanic women are engaged in the category and represent growth potential
The consumer
Mascara is most regularly used cosmetic product
Figure 3: Regular* color cosmetic usage, February 2013
Splurge vs. save mentality influences category behavior
Figure 4: Top five behaviors toward cosmetics, by total respondents and 18-24 year olds, February 2013
Women interested in improved performance, ease of use claims
Figure 5: Interest in cosmetic claims/benefits, February 2013
In-store sampling drives highest levels of interest
Figure 6: Interest in cosmetic information sources, February 2013
Attitudes toward color cosmetics
Figure 7: Top five attitudes toward cosmetics, by total respondents and 65+ age group, February 2013
What we think

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Issues and Insights
How can the color cosmetics category be easier to navigate, ultimately encouraging increased usage?
Implications: Expand education, sampling, and innovation efforts
What are the opportunities to increase usage of color cosmetics among older women?
Implications: Focus on more targeted marketing efforts, improved product functionality
What impact is multifunctional makeup having on the category?
Implications: Highlight daily usage opportunities and product differentiation
What role will technology play in helping women engage with the color cosmetics category?
Implications: Continue to use technology as a way to engage women in the category


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