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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Global Industry Research: Nucleic Acid Aptamers (Diagnostics And Therapeutics) Market

An abrasive is substance which is rubbed against a surface to produce desire shape or surface of desired finish. It generally results in loss of material from surface of work-piece while gaining smooth, polished and reflective surface. Abrasive can be use to roughen the surface. Abrasives are nothing but the mineral like materials available in different shapes according to need. There should not be confusion between file and abrasive as files are simply metal bars. Abrasives work on simple principle of difference in hardness. As abrasive should be harder material than work-piece, by cyclically rubbing abrasive over it; practical’s of work-piece tend to leave its surface. 

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Generally abrasive materials are of two type; metallic or non-metallic. Non-metallic are of again two type; hard abrasives and soft abrasives. Hard materials are either minerals or synthetic stones. Diamond is a separate segment that occurs naturally as well as it can be produce from materials such as bauxite. Soft minerals are also used e.g. calcium carbonate as a polishing agent. Hard abrasives are used to perform the functions such as polishing, grinding, buffing, honing, drilling, lapping, cutting, sanding and sharpening. Whereas soft minerals are used in applications such as tooth paste. On the basis of its product type an abrasive can be bonded abrasive which is used in grinding wheels; it can be coated abrasive, loose grains or powder.

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An abrasive finds regional market in Europe, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and RoW. This industry is expected to grow with in regions which are more exposed to industrialization.

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