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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Study: China's Household Waste Treatment Market Size 2013-2017

 The waste treatment industry is a branch of environmental protection industry, which includes three subsectors, namely, industrial waste treatment, hazardous waste treatment and municipal household waste treatment.

MarketResearchReportsAt present, the waste treatment infrastructure is in serious shortage, and the waste problem has become a main factor that restricts the development of urbanization. Although China's waste treatment industry started in a relatively late stage, it is beginning to take shape due to the rapid development in recent years. At present, China's waste treatment industry has entered the growth stage from introduction period, and it gradually develops towards the mature period.

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According to "Twelfth Five-Year National Municipal Household Waste Harmless Treatment Facilities Construction Plan", China's total investment in municipal household waste harmless treatment facilities construction in the "Twelfth Five-Year" period (2011-2015) will reach about CNY 263.6 billion, which is nearly 5 times higher than the actual completed investment amount in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period (2006-2010). Of which, harmless treatment facilities investment is CNY 173 billion (including continued construction investment of CNY 34.5 billion); collect and transport system construction investment is CNY 35.1 billion; stock training works investment is CNY 21.1 billion; kitchen waste special project investment is CNY 10.9 billion; waste classification demonstration project investment is CNY 21 billion; and regulatory system construction investment is CNY 2.5 billion.

The large-scale construction of waste treatment facilities drives the marketization process of waste treatment industry. Domestic listed companies, foreign-funded enterprises, private enterprises and other investment entities began to take an active part in the waste treatment field.

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Table of Contents

1. Overview of China's Household Waste Treatment Industry
1.1. Definition of Household Waste Treatment
1.1.1. Definition
1.1.2. Market Segmentation
1.1.3. Characteristics
1.2. Industry Periodicity
1.2.1. Development Cycle
1.2.2. Maturity of Segmented Industries

2. Development Overview of Overseas Household Waste Treatment Market
2.1. Global Market
2.2. Asia
2.3. Europe
2.4. America

3. Household Waste Treatment Environment in China
3.1. China's Economic Environment
3.1.1. Economic Development
3.1.2. GDP
3.1.3. Investment in the Fixed Assets
3.1.4. Total Export-Import Volume and Growth Rate
3.2. Industry Related Policies and Standards
3.3. Technical Environment

4. Status Quo of China's Household Waste Treatment Market
4.1. Current Industry Chain
4.2. Status Quo and Characteristics
4.3. Existing Problems and Countermeasures
4.3.1. Existing Problems of Municipal Waste Treatment
4.3.2. Factors Affecting the Industrialization of Waste Treatment Industry
4.3.3. Key Points to Accelerate the Industrialization of Waste Treatment Industry
4.4. Construction of Waste Treatment Equipments
4.4.1. Sanitary Landfill
4.4.2. Incineration Disposal
4.4.3. Biodegradable Organic Waste Treatment

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