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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Latest Report: China Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Market 2013-2017 - Trends,Growth,Share And Forecast

MarketResearchReportsChina has become the country that enjoys the largest PCB output value and the fastest growth speed, and also the main driving force to promote the development of the global PCB industry. In 2012, there were 791 PCB enterprises with above designated scale in China with the market scale exceeded CNY 250 billion.

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With the development of science and technology, the electronic informationization processing needs for all types of products are gradually enhanced. Emerging electronic products continue to emerge, which continuously expands the use and market of PCB. Emerging 3G mobile phones, automotive electronics, LCD, IPTV, digital TV, computer replacement will also bring greater PCB market. Currently, communications equipment, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and computers and related products are the major terminal application markets of PCB, accounting for about 80% of the total market demand.

According to "Information Industry Science and Technology Development "11th Five-Year" Plan and Long-term Planning Framework in 2020", PCB (especially multi-layer, flexible, flexible-rigid and environment-friendly PCB technology) is one of the key fields in China's electronic information industry over the next 5 to 15 years.

PCB industry in China mainland will maintain rapid growth in the next three years. The rapid development of the domestic 3G industry as well as the rise of electronic terminals such as smart phones, tablet PCs, green base station, will have a strong pulling effect on PCB, driving the growth of PCB industry. In 2016, the output value will reach USD 48 billion in China, accounting for 49.4% of the global PCB output value.

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Table of Contents

1. PCB Overview
1.1. PCB Introduction
1.1.1. PCB Definition
1.1.2. PCB Classification
1.1.3. PCB Characteristics
1.2. PCB Industry Chain

2. Development of the International PCB Industry
2.1. Development Overview of the International PCB Industry
2.1.1. Development of Global PCB Industry
2.1.2. Global PCB Industry Structure
2.1.3. Development Forecast of Global PCB Industry
2.2. PCB Industry in Key Countries
2.2.1. U.S.
2.2.2. Japan
2.2.3. Other

3. Development Environment of PCB Industry in China
3.1. Macroeconomic Environment
3.1.1. Economic Development Status
3.1.2. GDP
3.1.3. Fixed Asset Investment
3.1.4. Total Import and Export Amount and Growth Rate
3.2. Policy Environment
3.2.1. "Information Industry Science and Technology Development "11th Five-Year" Plan and Long-term Planning Framework in 2020"
3.2.2. "Electronic Materials and Key Components "12th Five-Year Plan"

4. Development Status Quo of PCB Industry in China
4.1. Development Overview of PCB Industry in China
4.2. The Existing problems and Countermeasures of PCB Industry in China
4.2.1. The Existing problems
4.2.2. Development Advice
4.3. Supply Analysis of PCB Industry in China
4.3.1. Production Capacity of PCB Industry in China
4.3.2. Output Value of PCB Industry in China
4.4. Demand Analysis of PCB Industry in China
4.5. Product Price

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