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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Study On Baby Boomers' Leisure Trends US January 2013 by

Because the baby boom generation comprises nearly 76 million individuals born across a span of nearly two decades, the leisure habits and preferences within this group vary tremendously based not only on age, but also life stage, family responsibilities, and finances, to name just a few.

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Baby Boomers’ demographics and characteristics
Boomers account for nearly one quarter of the population
Figure 1: U.S. population, by generation, 2012
Most Boomers are married—but nearly one third are on their own
Figure 2: Marital status, by age/generation, 2012
Boomers’ median household income among the highest
Figure 3: Real median household income, by age group, 2011
Boomers’ annual entertainment expenditures are higher than average
Figure 4: Average annual expenditures for selected entertainment categories, by age of CU reference person,
Factors driving Baby Boomer leisure trends
Leisure time remains a premium for Younger Boomers
Figure 5: Average hours per day spent in primary activities, by age indexed total, 2011
Boomers noted for being youthful, but health statistics tell a different story
The consumer
Majority of Baby Boomers live with a spouse; one in five live alone
Figure 6: Baby Boomers’ current living situation for potential leisure companions, by gender and age, October
One third of Boomers do not feel that they have enough leisure time
Figure 7: Perception of amount of leisure time, by generation, October 2012
Boomers’ leisure preferences
Figure 8: Baby Boomers’ leisure-time preferences, October 2012
Most Boomers don’t anticipate changes to leisure spending
Figure 9: How Baby Boomers anticipate spending on leisure activities to change, by gender and age, October
Solo leisure activities are the most common
Figure 10: Baby Boomers’ current participation in leisure activities, October 2012
Slightly less than half of 45-64s exercise regularly
Figure 11: Participation in regular exercise in the last 12 months, April 2011-June 2012
Boomers rely on a wide variety of sources for leisure information
Figure 12: Information sources used by Baby Boomers for leisure-time activities, October 2012
Boomer women are more concerned than men with financing leisure
Figure 13: Baby Boomers’ attitudes toward finances for leisure, by gender, October 2012
Technology and internet has a growing impact on Boomers’ leisure time
Figure 14: Baby Boomers’ attitudes toward using technology and the internet during leisure time, by age,
October 2012
About eight in 10 Boomers are white; nearly nine in 10 are non-Hispanic
Figure 15: Baby Boomers’ race/Hispanic origin, 2012
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