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Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Publishes Family Entertainment - US - January 2013

While spending recreational time with family is important to parents, the cost of entertainment activities continues to be a concern. Marketers have incentive to consider other ways to make budget-friendly home entertainment more appealing to families, as well as introduce activities that are educational as well as fun. Younger dads should also be given a more pronounced role in this sector, as they are the most inclined to invest more time and money in family entertainment activities.

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Entertainment spending
Parents spending more on entertainment activities
Figure 1: U.S. households’* average annual expenditures in select entertainment categories, by presence of children in household, 2010-11
Recreational lessons account for the largest share of spending on fees, admissions
Figure 2: U.S. households’* average annual expenditures on fees and admissions, by presence of children in household, 2010-11
Factors driving entertainment spending
Larger households with more income positioned to spend more on entertainment
Figure 3: U.S. households’* average annual income and entertainment spending, by number of people in household, 2011
However, wariness about the economy encourages spending less
Figure 4: Likelihood of finding it difficult if paychecks were delayed a week, 2006-12
Figure 5: Incidence of having $500 or less in savings or any specific savings strategy, September 2012
The consumer
Parents decreasing entertainment spending, but young inclined to spend more
Figure 6: Change in spending on family entertainment compared to last year, Millennials vs. non-Millennials, October 2012
Younger dads inclined to spend more money in this sector each month
Figure 7: Money spent on family entertainment in a typical month, by gender and age of parent, October 2012
Younger dads also tend to spend more time on entertainment events
Figure 8: More time spent on family activities away from and at home in the past 12 months, by gender and age of parent, October 2012
Budget and kids’ time the biggest barriers to family entertainment activities
Figure 9: Top two factors that prevent more frequent participation in family entertainment activities, October 2012
Families enjoying their time together, but may need to do so at home
Figure 10: Top three attitudes toward family entertainment activities, October 2012
Moms and dads consulting different sources for entertainment information
Figure 11: Sources relied on for information about family entertainment events, by gender, October 2012
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