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Friday, January 18, 2013

Patient Adherence, Communication and Engagement (PACE)

Patient Adherence, Communication and Engagement (PACE) Increased Investment andAdoption of New Digital Tools Enable Key Stakeholder Collaborations and Encourage Compliance


GBI Research, a leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research, Patient Adherence, Communication and Engagement (PACE) Increased Investment and Adoption of New Digital Tools Enable Key Stakeholder Collaborations and Encourage Compliance. The report focuses on the US health systems efforts to improve patient engagement and medication adherence. Key topics of the report include reforms in the US healthcare industry, technology adoption, mobile and social media in healthcare, industry collaborations and examples of patient engagement and adherence interventions. There is a increasing focus on medication non-adherence as a critical challenge in the US healthcare system. When patients do not adhere to their prescribed medication or treatment regimen, it leads to reduced efficiency of treatment and increased utilization of care facilities. Healthcare expenditure is rising at an exponential rate, forcing the industry to focus on efficiencies in care delivery to control costs and improve health outcomes. Health insurance reforms and new payment and reimbursement models place emphasis on outcome-based performance measures. Rising healthcare costs have provided impetus to the health organizations to collaborate on their patient engagement interventions in an effort to control the epidemic of non-adherence. Federal stimulus has increased adoption of healthcare information technology by the providers, and payers are also increasingly adopting healthcare technology. The integration of information systems across care facilities gives greater access to data and enables collaboration between different players in the industry. Health industry players leverage these systems and use this increased access to data, in combination with other technologies, to improve their patient engagement efforts.


  • Key drivers in the healthcare landscape increasing health organizations focus and efforts on adherence
  • Implications for industry stakeholders, pharmaceutical manufacturers, health plans and healthcare providers
  • Examples of collaborative efforts within key stakeholder groups
  • Analysis of the key technology trends within the healthcare industry
  • Examples of adherence interventions that leverage technology to achieve their goals

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Reasons to buy

  • Understand how the changing healthcare landscape is influencing different stakeholder groups to focus on patient engagement
  • Understand how industry players are forging collaborations with other organizations in their adherence efforts
  • Explore the effectiveness of social media and mobile campaigns
  • Analyze existing healthcare technologies that support patient engagement efforts
  • Analyze existing engagement best practices in adherence efforts
  • Develop effective adherence interventions that leverage technology for patient outreach
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