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Monday, January 21, 2013

Operational Flexibility and Process Integration Essential for Improved Power Plant Economics

Operational Flexibility and Process Integration Essential for Improved Power Plant Economics


Optimizing a power plants operational performance in accordance with changing dynamics of the governing parameters increases its economic viability. Utilities want to increasingly automate systems and synchronize them in order to create a central control point in a power plant. This facilitates utilities with real time monitoring of all their performance parameters such as pressure and temperature from a single location, providing easy and rapid decision-making to help identify reasons for failure and quick removal and repair of failed parts. This reduces losses and improves net earnings. Automation thus enables operational flexibility and process integration, providing new business opportunities by reducing economic risk. Plants are in position to deal with market competition and fluctuating fuel prices by operating partly as a base load unit and partly as a cycling unit, depending on load regimes and dispatch ranking.

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  • Automation Enabling Operational Flexibility and Process Integration for Power Plant Process Optimization
  • Market prospects of power plant automation with growing emphasis on efficiency improvements
  • Operational flexibility providing improved economics to utilities
  • Initiatives by industry leaders towards the development of flexible generation technology solutions
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  • Identifying the key growth and investment opportunities with the adoption of flexible power generation technology solutions
  • Gain insights on the growing need for operational flexibility and enhanced efficiency in liberalised power markets
  • Developing strategies to develop and deploy flexible power plants for improved plant economics
  • Facilitate decision-making based on upcoming industry developments with flexible power generation technology
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